Shop for a Purpose

When you shop on, you are supporting millions of women across the globe achieve wealth-life balance. This gives them an opportunity to be better care-givers and moms without sacrificing their financial goals. Our women will be better equipped to fund their own education, without having to depend on anyone. Financially independent strong women create strong families and thereby, strong nations. Together we can empower and strengthen our moms, sisters, friends, and daughters to achieve wealth-life balance.


Due to lack of sufficient paid maternity, and increased cost of childcare/eldercare, more and more women are quitting their jobs and abandoning higher studies to stay at home. Today, we have a huge pool of very skilled and educated women sitting at home, wanting financial freedom, but having no solid options that give them both flexibility and money. Also, In spite of so many efforts on gender equality, women still get paid way lesser than men for the same job. We at Global Women’s Business Initiative, aims to solve this problem by giving our women an opportunity to be their own boss, by training them on idea generation, bringing products and digital services to life, and most importantly by providing an Amazon/Etsy-like platform exclusively for women sellers. Women across the world are now being opened to markets globally.


We urge you all to join us in our mission of “Creating women entrepreneurs” by “buying products made and sold by women”. Let’s join hands in financially empowering our women, moms, and future moms globally.